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Home Health Billing Service Inland Empire
You take care of the patients.  We'll take care of the billing.

Home health services need to deliver the best possible care, even if reimbursements are getting tighter all the time.  We can help your home health service continue to deliver the best patient care by cutting your collection costs, speeding up collection time and providing a home health billing service team with 24 x 7 support.

Our mission is to help you to continue to deliver the best possible patient care by making your billing and collections easy, accurate, fast and worry-free.  

Our professional billers process home health service reimbursement claims daily.  We use our experience working with a number of home health service agencies and software vendors to constantly find the best industry practices and make sure that you get the most accurate and effective reimbursement allowable for each and every case.  We keep our costs low so we can keep your billing costs as low as possbile.

Trans-Pacific Financial will provide a dedicated Senior Biller and a team of support staff to work with your agency to process your daily billing needs, analyze your RAPs, Final Claims and Reimbursement Rates. We monitor your AR and cash flow  to keep your agency focused on patient care.

You take care of the patients.  We'll take care of the billing.

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